Hello. My name is Bob Scribner and yes, its true. In the fall of 2009 I had a bout with cancer. Actually it was brain cancer; a stage 4  glioblastoma multiorme with a tumor probably the size of a lime, for which I had emergency surgery followed by 6 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. That picture you see here is not me, but that is how I looked when I had my radiation. As  a matter of fact, I still have my mask. For those of you who have claustrophobia, yah, its freaky to have your head immobilized on a table and asked to breathe through a mask you can barely see through, but given the options sometimes we just have to do some uncomfortable things. My 6 week journey through the program at the Cross Cancer Clinic in Edmonton gave me time to reflect about “how I got here and what does my future hold”. What I realized is that I had to make some serious changes if I wanted to have a future at all.

Over the next few years I successfully re-invented myself through proper nutrition and supplements. This website is a way for me to pay it forward. Today, as a 14+ year survivor of cancer I’m not only surviving but I’m thriving and I’m excited to share the knowledge I’ve learned with others. Now I have the ability to help others through my training as a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, plus my iridology training, and I also provide a Cardio Screening service that helps people with their cardiovascular health. If I can help someone through the information on this website or through the services I provide then, I will be blessed and I thank you for that opportunity.

     Bob Scribner – Edmonton,  Alberta