How do I know if I need a Nutritional Assessment?

Have a look at the symptoms listed on this page and determine if they affect you; if so, how much. Give yourself a score of 1 for each symptom that bothers you occasionally; mark it as a 2 if it happens to you regularly and give it a 3 if its constant and something you would like to correct.

If your total score is 20 or less ‘Congratulations’, I think you are doing fairly well. You may need to ‘tweak’ a couple of things but it doesn’t sound like those things are very debilitating for you. If your score is between 20 and 30 you could probably use a review of your dietary habits and make some small changes before they become a bigger challenge. If your total score is between 30 and 40, or higher I would suggest you are not headed in the right direction concerning your health. If you are experiencing these type of symptoms right now just consider what they may develop into if you continue this lifestyle. Making the necessary changes now could prevent you from facing some serious health concerns down the road. Contact me now so we can get started on your assessment right away.