Each Nutritional Assessment is valued at  $225.00

What’s Included?

A 90 minute face to face meeting in Edmonton;  A written summary of your questionnaire responses, outlining your identified nutritional imbalances or weaknesses. In addition we may inquire about your sleep, exercise, work and social environment to see if there are factors in these areas that could be impacting your health as well. Using all that information we will make recommendations in the area of diet, lifestyle, supplements, exercise, etc. Applicable handout sheets will also be included to offer you tips on implementing changes or different practices that work toward improving your health. Follow up sessions are generally needed and they will be provided at an hourly rate of $70.00 per hour. Min. charge. is 1/2 hour segments.

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         Cardio Screenings start at $75.00 per screening

This mobile service can be performed at any pre-arranged location; however, locations outside of the Edmonton area may incur additional travel costs.  Your screening includes: a printout of your test results showing you critical information of your cardiovascular system in 8 different areas, plus time spent with your DPA technician going over your print out results so that you understand. In addition, booklets titled ‘Understanding Your Results’, which  help explain your results in more detail are available for $5.00 each.

   Looking to have screenings done for a group of 6 or more at your place of business?

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