Cardio Screening

Cardio Screening is a digital pulse wave analysis of your cardiovascular system that will provide you with critical information of your heart and circulatory system

Do you know your risk?

This simple, convenient, non-invasive test will show you:

  • Pulse recognition to identify any irregularities in your heart beat, plus how weak or how strong your heart is; ECG type reading
  • How well your aortic valve is working to ensure proper output of blood from your heart; ECHO type reading
  • Your pulse and resting heart rate
  • Your pulse height; which refers to the viscosity of your blood, to see if it is too thick or too thin
  • The arterial pulse wave form, to determine the elasticity of your arteries
  • The potential for arteriosclerosis or hardness of the large and small arteries
  • Your circulation analysis, which shows how much stress you have in your arteries and the amount of inflammation  in your body
  • Plus your biological age, or how old you are inside your body



And all this for just $75.00!

Think you are NOT at risk?

Heart disease is the #1 killer in Canada and is referred to as the “Silent Killer”. Every 7 minutes a Canadian dies of a heart attack or stroke and half of them died not knowing they were even at risk.

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It could save your life!