What is Iridology?

Iridology is the art and science of studying the structure, colours and signs in the iris of the eye to determine an individual’s constitutional and inherited strengths and weaknesses.  In essence, we can see the general condition of the body and it’s resilence to negative influences. By identifying the potential weaknesses we can then suggest corrective actions that may include dietary or lifestyle changes or changes to your supplement protocol. The eyes have long been known to be the ‘windows to the soul’ and various cultures have also used the eyes to reveal the health of an individual for hundreds and even thousands of years. Even Hippocrates realized there was a connection between signs in the eyes and changes in the body.  The Cauldeans (Babylonians) were known to record changes in their friends and relatives eyes as long ago as 3,000 years.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the eyes are described as the window to the inner workings of the body.  Over the last 100+ years countless iridology pioneers have been charting the iris of the eyes to produce a map of the body so that today we have the iridology chart which helps practitioners identify specific areas of the body and the challenges those areas may be facing.

Even though Iridology is a non-invasive practice, there are many things that we can ‘see’ in the body. For instance we can ‘see’:
– the inherint strengths or weaknesses in organs, glands or tissues
– the constitutional strength or weakness of the body, (it’s ability to fight off disease)
– areas of inflammation
– areas of toxic buildup
– under activity or sluggishness of the bowel
– prolapse of the transverse colon
– lymphatic system congestion
– the amount of stress on the body
– plus many more things

As great as it is in being an analysis tool there are still many things that Iridology cannot show us.

– it does not reveal blood pressure or blood sugar levels
– it  cannot be used to diagnose or name diseases
– it cannot tell if a client is male or female
– it cannot determine if a woman is taking birth control pills or if she is pregnant
– it cannot detect the presence of gallstones or kidney stones
– it cannot determine if a cardiac artery is blocked
– nor can it differentiate between drug side-effect symptoms and the symptoms of actual disease

Even though there are still many out there that say it is quackery’ I say those are the people who have not taken the time to investigate the true efficacy of this modality or have not opened their mind to the possibility that the discovery of this connection to the body has merit.

But, like Arthur Schopenhaauer has suggested: