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It’s probably better that poor old Hippocrates isn’t alive today to see what’s happened to the way we apply ‘health care’. Even though our current doctors still pay allegiance to the Father of Medicine by reciting the Oath of Medical Ethics including the phrase  “Above all, do no harm.” I’m sure Hippocrates would be rolling over in his grave if he knew that properly prescribed medicine(from our current doctors) is the 4th leading cause of death in North America. Believing that man has within him the ability to heal and nature holds all the medicine we require in our food and herbs Hippocrates has been quoted as saying ‘The physician treats, but nature heals.’

It’s actually sad to think that the doctors of today have strayed so far from the teachings and doctrines of Hippocrates but it’s really no wonder when we consider that their education comes from pharmaceutical sponsored universities, with very little or no instruction on nutrition found in Nature. For me, that’s a bit of a head scratcher because if we look at the majority of drugs produced by the pharmaceutical companies a lot of them have origins in Nature.

-morphine and codeine come from poppies

– digoxin used for atrial fibrillation comes from foxglove

– aspirin, used to treat headache pain and fever comes from white willow

– Taxol (a cancer drug) comes from the Pacific Yew tree

– quinine used to prevent malaria comes from the cinchona tree

– atropine used to treat a slow heart beat comes from belladonna

– bromelain is an anti-inflammatory found in pineapple

– glycyrrhin used in pectoral conditions like asthma come from licorice

– and the list goes on and on