9 Harmful Habits or Obstacles to Better Health


Smoking: according to the Canadian Cancer Society lung cancer was responsible for 14% of all new cancers in 2014 but it was also responsible for 27% of all cancer deaths in that year.

Alcohol: according to webMD.com researchers have linked alcohol to more than 60 diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis of the liver, dementia, high blood pressure, nerve damage and many more.

Recreational drugs: doctors have related addiction to prescribed drugs as well as recreational drugs to heart and respiratory problems, kidney failure, depression, anxiety, insomnia and more

Processed foods: a team of scientists from Yale University and another team from Germany have linked the modern diet of processed foods, take-out meals and microwaved meals to an increase in autoimmune diseases such as MS, eczema, asthma and alopecia

Food choices: (too much sugar, salt and fat) the western diet has been ‘hijacked’ by the food multinationals and is creating a bevy of unhealthy symptoms that is leading us down the path to disease. As it has been written in a book by Mike Huckabee former Governor of Arkansas “We are digging our graves with our knives and forks”. It’s time for us to take back control of what foods we want to consume. Use less processed and packaged foods and demand more non-GMO’d, organic whole foods. Use your shopping dollars to make your voice heard.

Use of microwave ovens: multiple studies have shown that there is a significant decrease in the bioavailability of key nutrients from food after being microwaved.

Exercise: the benefits of exercise are numerous; it moves the lymphatic system to help release toxins from the body; it increases the peristaltic action in the colon to help remove waste; it strengthens the bones; it improves the cardiovascular system and more.

Lack of enough filtered water: like the earth our bodies are about 2/3 water and that water needs to be replenished on a regular basis; it energizes our muscles; it helps lubricate the colon; it helps the kidneys remove toxins via the urine and so much more.

Stress: the body uses energy at a faster rate when stressed which in turn increases metabolism and burns up many vitamins and minerals. Find relaxation techniques and put those vitamins and minerals to better use.