What is Gemmotherapy?

“Sometimes there is a development that is so fantastic and seemingly improbable that it creates a paradigm shift in believing what is possible to achieve.”

Although man has always looked toward the plant kingdom for his nutritional needs, many cultures have also used whole plants for their medicinal purposes for thousands of years. That practice has come to be known as Phytotherapy (Phyto comes from the Greek meaning plant). Each culture seems to have developed their own ‘branch’ of Phytotherapy; the Chinese have TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, the East Indian culture calls it Ayurvedic medicine but it all really falls under the umbella of Phytotherapy (plant therapy). In 1950 a doctor from Belgium, named Dr. Pol Henri started to research the ’embryonic’ tissues of certain plants, specifically, buds and rootlets, seeds and sap  for their therapeutic value. It’s in these ’embryonic’ tissues that we find the most dynamic and energetic properties of the plants that seem to have a powerful effect on our human physiology. Later, in 1971 a doctor from France, Dr. Max Tetau expanded on Dr. Henri’s work by testing some of these remedies on the patients in his clinic, thus proving the effectiveness of the remedies on specific health concerns. It is Dr. Tetau who we give credit to for coming up with the word Gemmotherapy; by combining the Latin term for bud which is ‘gemma’ and the Greek word ‘therapeia’ for medical treatment.

It wasn’t until 1996 when gemmotherapies were first introduced in North America by Dr. Gerard Guenoit (recognized as the world’s leading physician in Biotherapuetic Drainage). He was beginning his first lecture tour, starting in Toronto, Ontario. By that time, the modality was widely practiced in Europe under the name of Biotherapuetic Drainage, which embraces trace elements, tissue salts, plus homeopathic therapies as well as the gemmotherapies.

Gemmotherapies are plant derived remedies that provide drainage of toxins and other waste material at the cellular level, where the root of our ailments can generally be found. Once in the extracellular fluid, the waste products are then delivered to the elimination channels, also known as emunctories. The encouraging part about the function of gemmotherapies  is that they work with our physiology as opposed to pharmaceuticals, which work by just suppressing our symptoms and not really getting to the root cause of the problem. The action of pharmaceuticals, therefore, does not eliminate the issue in concern but, actually overrides the physiology to make the symptom ‘seem’ to go away; not addressing the cause of the symptom at all. Today, more and more people are searching for an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals that don’t always provide the best solution to their ailments because they come with a host of side-effects that sometimes feel worse than the condition they’re trying to alleviate.

The benefit of these plant based gemmotherapies is that they are non-toxic and  free of side effects. There are a handful of remedies that have cautionary notes because they have very powerful actions but, applied properly they are far safer than pharmaceuticals and generally more effective. Actually they can even assist with any other therapy you may be taking (even allopathic medicine) because your cells would be healthier and able to receive any benefit available to them.

UNDA  is the original manufacturer of these remedies and they are located in Harze, Belgium. Since being introduced to North America, other manufacturers have started to supply some of these remedies, however, I believe UNDA is still the leading brand. Their stringent practices meet and exceed the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) which certifies their compliance and commitment to the highest of international standards. In addition, what really sets them apart in my mind is their philosophy or statements of belief which are:

  1. Do no harm
  2. The body is capable of self-regulation
  3. Physiology prevails over pathology
  4. Restoring the individual’s physiology is essential to healing their pathology.
  5. The four pillars of health must be taken into account with equal value given to: diet, drainage and elimination, psychological equilibrium, and balancing of the hereditary characteristics.

So, here’s something to seriously consider; if you truly want a healthier body wouldn’t you think that you need to start by building healthier cells (the building blocks of all tissues and organs)? And wouldn’t you want to use natural products that work with your physiology? From a company that looks at you as a whole being and not just a symptom?

That’s where UNDA gemmotherapies come in.  These remedies are not just ‘folklore’ cures that have been passed down through the years by anecdotal sources. They are clinically and scientifically proven remedies that address everyday conditions and concerns that we face regularly. Everything from acne to hemorrhoids and all that’s in between can be treated with these safe, gentle and effective remedies. So, whether the issues you’re facing are digestive, hormonal, pulmonary, urinary, arthritic, cardiovascular, neurological or skin conditions give gemmotherapies a try. Did you know that the remedies made from Hawthorn buds can actually improve your heart function, or Dogwood buds can help regulate your thyroid? Olive bud remedies can help clear your arteries and black currant buds can improve those allergies you deal with every spring. Walnut buds can help with that gallbladder pain and Silver Linden buds can even help with your insomnia. Although gemmotherapies can provide results on their own, they are typically used in conjunction with Oligotherapy elements to enhance their performance. Oligotherapies are mineral components and tissue salts in an ionized form that our bodies cannot synthesize yet are required as cofactors in many chemical exchanges carried out in the body. Without sufficient ionized minerals some of these chemical exchanges can produce faulty end products or produce nothing at all, thereby, leaving the body with a missed component for proper function. These Oligo-elements are really an essential part of our health.

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