Are you getting your fair share of vitamins and minerals? How much is enough and which ones should you be taking? Is that multivitamin giving you all that you need? Why do you need supplements in the first place?

Well, if you live on Planet Earth there’s a good chance that you’re being affected by one or more of the following factors that will help deplete the nutrients your body needs to get through the day, and over time the lack of nutrients can lead your body to expressing its need in terms of symptoms.

Some of the things that will prevent you from getting all the nutrients you need are:
–  Environmental pollution, chemicals that eventually make it into our bodies through the foods we eat, the water drink and the air we breathe
–  Soil depletion, study after study tells us that the nutrient values in many common foods have plummeted due to agricultural practices used today
– Food irradiation, this process eliminates essential nutrients in the food; specifically B vitamins and antioxidants
– Chemicals used to grow, protect or extend the shelf life of foods we buy can negatively impact the nutritional value of the original food
– Processed foods, not only do these foods contain refined sugar, extra salt, unhealthy fats and chemicals we can’t pronounce but they are also missing live enzymes necessary for digestion and metabolic function
– GMO’d foods, food scientists could be using compounds that make nutrients unavailable or indigestible for human metabolism. Until these foods are tested and properly labelled we can’t be certain that the nutritional value has not been altered and maybe even harmful.
– Lifestyle, smoking and drinking excessive alcohol either destroys certain nutrients or negatively impacts the body’s ability to absorb these nutrients
– Stress. Stress is one of the biggest metabolizers of nutrients in the body. It can lead to acceleration of the aging process and degenerative disease.

 In my opinion, supplementation today is more of a requirement rather than an option but where does a person start? Unless your doctor is versed in nutrition I wouldn’t necessarily recommend your doctor. Typically they would just suggest you eat by the latest government food pyramid. I would recommend that you work with a practitioner who can help you create a supplement program that is designed for you. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ program that will help everyone. We are all biologically unique so it’s important that you find a practitioner who acknowledges you as an individual and one who has the tools to hone in on your specific needs. My first recommendations would be that you look for a naturopath or nutritionist, but there are practitioners in other modalities that have a broader knowledge than just their particular practice. Professionals such as chiropractors, massage therapists, homeopaths, osteopaths and many more often use nutrition and supplementation to help their clients achieve better health, so if you’re already dealing with one of the above mentioned professionals reach out to them to see if they can help you plan an effective supplementation program.  If not,let me help you develop a program to fit your needs. Hit the contact button on this site and let’s get started.